Go Blue!

27 Jun

Just a quick lunchtime update…

All of my files have been sent to U of M. I spoke with Wendy, the endocrine surgical coordinator, this morning, and she is from Hemlock. She had her total thyroidectomy 3 years ago, and sees an endocrinologist at U of M. She suggested I first book an appointment with her U of M endocrinologist, and then book my surgery. She said either way, the timing is the same (mid to late August), and this way I will have a post-surgery treatment plan.

Wendy did share that she has a very weak voice since her surgery, but she feels really good otherwise.

I love Wendy.

My endocrinologist appointment is with Dr. E on July 26. Anyone have any experience with her? I requested Dr. G for my surgery, since I have received 6 recommendations for him!

Dr. R’s office was super understanding and supportive of my decision to go to Ann Arbor. I am relieved and happy, and I know I am being led in the right direction. I can’t believe how responsive and organized everyone at U of M has been so far!

Go Blue!

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