What does Mark Zuckerberg have to do with it?

27 Jun

Mark Zuckerberg has everything to do with everything. I think I should take a moment to talk about what Facebook has done to get me through the past few days.
– I am able to tell my story ONCE, and move on. I saw so many family members and friends today, and we were able to have a nice day that wasn’t totally focused on my health.
– People I haven’t seen in years have reached out to me to tell me their personal stories and offer support. It means so much!
– I have dozens of doctor and treatment recommendations from people I trust.
– I have made connections to friends of friends of friends, and been able to hear from people with my exact diagnosis, living nearby.
– My Facebook addiction distracts me at all the right moments.
– I just love Mark Zuckerberg.

Let’s not forget about Twitter. I have found so many wonderful resources out there for people with thyroid problems. In case anyone is interested, these are my favorites:

And even if you don’t have thyroid issues:

Thank you, everyone…for reading, for caring, for emailing, and most of all, for praying.

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