Surgery Update

9 Aug

Today was my surgery consult with Dr. G at UofM. I was very impressed and he put me at ease right away. He did a second exam and ultrasound, and concurred with Dr. E that everything in my thyroid and lymph node area looks perfect except for the only tiny spot. We discussed the pros and cons of robotic surgery, and I actually decided against it. The only real advantage would be the location of the scar (underarm vs. neck), and I should have the same recovery time with a traditional thyroidectomy. After the surgery, I will start on Synthroid (not sure of the dose yet), and will receive the pathology report five days later. After I heal, I will have to do a low-iodine diet for 2 weeks, and receive a Thyrogen injection to make me hypothyroid enough for a whole-body scan. I am excited that I can get the injection, because that means I won’t really have to go through the awful side effects of thyroid hormone withdrawl. Again, if all assumptions turn into truths, I will be back to normal in 1-2 weeks. No additional treatment necessary.

“Would you like to have the surgery on Wednesday this week?”
“Uh, that’s tomorrow.”
“Okay, we can do Thursday.”

So, here I am. I have one day to wrap up things at work, do all my laundry, plan and shop for Mary’s 2nd birthday, get groceries and finish all my medical paperwork.

Wish me luck!

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