If my clothes could talk…

26 Aug

Today I felt great. Really great. Like, normal great. I had my TSH level tested, and my results are in…0.1. That’s a suppressed level, which means that I got the right dose of Synthroid the first time! Hooray! (I am fully aware that this can fluctuate, but for now, I’ll take it!)

I felt like me today. And then I went into my closet. At first I just took a few sweaters off of hangers and put them into a donation pile. Then a pair of jeans. Then three suits. And then…

“Bye-bye” pile

As I created my waist-high pile of old clothes, I remembered wearing each and every piece. If my clothes could talk, what would they say? Let’s take a guess.

“Remember me? You wore me constantly. You wore me to both the Pat Benatar concert and CMU Homecoming. That means I am comfortable and made you look skinny, respectively.”
“You picked me out to wear on your first date with Andy. You were pretty nervous, and sweating a lot. Remember when you sprayed all of that body mist in the Germania bathroom? Bad idea. You’ll never get the glitter stains out of my armpits.”
“You were totally supposed to wear me to your 10-year high school reunion. It’s not MY fault that you never lost that last 10 pounds. Look at me! I still have my tags on! Put me back in the closet. Now.”
“I am sooooo tiny. I just love to wave around in your face to remind you that I used to fit you. But I also remind you of your honeymoon and hitting the midnight buffet on New Year’s Eve when everyone else was having champagne.”
“I am the most expensive pair of sweatpants that anyone should ever own. And no matter how hard you tried, I never made you look like Carmen Electra.”

Ultimately I parted ways with most the clothes of my past. It was liberating. If I ever gain or lose a bunch of weight, I will happily go shopping. Today is the 15th day of the rest of my cancer-free life. And guess what? I feel fantastic.

14 days post-thyroidectomy

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